A 70-year legacy of function and fashion.

On a wet, winter day in 1946, Meyer Blauer stepped onto a downtown sidewalk in Portland, Oregon, and looked skyward. Dark clouds and a steady drizzle cloaked the city, as they often do that time of year. But to Meyer, that wasn’t just rain falling from the sky. It was opportunity.

The following year, with the help of his brother and two uncles, Meyer purchased a small umbrella repair shop and gave it a new name: ShedRain Umbrella Company was open for business.

We started with six people, a few old sewing machines and an unlimited desire to make the best umbrella money could buy. Year after year, business slowly expanded—up and down the West Coast, across America and, eventually, around the globe.

The company that started with just a handful of basic designs now offers hundreds of different styles, colors and options. Now in our third generation of family ownership, we’re proud to be the only umbrella company that still maintains a U.S. manufacturing facility.

In our 70 years, we’ve seen consumer tastes change and manufacturing technology evolve, but we’re steadfastly “old-school” in one regard: We still go about our work with the same passion and dedication as the people who cut fabric by hand and personally delivered orders from that tiny Portland workshop.

Maybe that’s why we’ve become the world’s premier umbrella company.

Maybe that’s why there’s no other umbrella quite like a ShedRain.


Staying protected from the elements never goes out of style.

Staying protected from the elements never goes out of style.