Brand New! UnbelievaBrella™ Printed Compact Reverse Umbrella!

From the leaders in umbrella innovation, the newest version of the reverse-opening technology craze, now in a compact version for even more versatility!

Opening and closing automatically at the push of a button, the 47-inch canopy arc collapses in reverse to keep the rain off you, away from your stuff and out of your car. Featuring a black electrostatic steel shaft and ribs paired with FRP fiberglass for strength, the rubber-coated handle has a matching button to the canopy color.

Available in three brand new fashion prints: Prom Dress Polka Dots, Monet Floral and Bison Black/White Plaid, all with matching travel cases.

Color Selected: Bison Black/White
#2300 Product Details
Handle Material:
Rubber Coated
Handle Shape:
.95 lbs.
Electrostatic Black Steel
Cover for one
Auto Open and Close

Auto Open and Close

One push of a button and the umbrella springs open, providing you with shelter from the elements. A second push of the button collapses the canopy with ease, which makes traveling in and out of the rain a breeze. If Auto Open sounds convenient, you're really going to love our Auto Open Auto Close technology.



Fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) is a warrior in extreme weather conditions. Lightweight, strong and non-corrosive, fiberglass will out-perform most alternatives and increase the durability and life of your umbrella. Combat the elements!