WalkSafe® Vented Auto Open Compact Umbrella

WalkSafe® Umbrellas are the perfect companion on dark, rainy nights. Designed with patented 3M™ Scotchlite™ material on each panel, the umbrella canopy reflects headlights from passing traffic, helping drivers see you from every angle.

This umbrella also features a vented double canopy for superior wind resistance and a convenient push button automatic open. Steel shaft and ribs, with an ergonomic rubber-coated sport grip handle. Included is a matching snap-close case.

Color Selected: Royal
#2198A Product Details
Handle Material:
Rubber Coated
Handle Shape:
Closed Length:
Cover for one
Vented Canopy

Vented Canopy

The vent acts like an escape valve for built up wind pressure. So, rather than forcefully ripping your umbrella to shreds, wind becomes much more courteous and exits peacefully through the multiple vent openings on the canopy.

Air pressure escapes through each vent opening.

Air pressure builds up under the canopy.



Featuring the technology of 3M™, this material uses what is known as retro-reflection. In darker conditions this feature reflects light when a subject is illuminated by a light source such as vehicle headlights for 360° visibility. Be seen from every angle™.

Auto Open

Auto Open

With the push of a button the umbrella opens automatically, inviting you to step out and enjoy the weather. Whether your hands are full or time is rushed, this little button does the work for you.