WindPro® Vented Auto Open/Auto Close Compact Print Umbrella

The ShedRain WindPro® is an elegant umbrella for men or for women. From the distinctive curved rubber-coated handle to the black electrostatic steel shaft, this umbrella radiates style and sophistication.

More than just good looks, you'll also benefit from the impressive wind-resistant Teflon-coated vented double canopy and pushbutton auto open/auto close technology.

Available in three timeless prints with matching self fabric travel cases: black and white pinstripe, houndstooth check and a graphic camouflage, a compact umbrella has never looked or performed better.

Color Selected: Capone
#2036 Product Details
Handle Material:
Handle Shape:
Closed Length:
1.15 lbs.
Electrostatic Black Steel
Cover for one
Auto Open and Close

Auto Open and Close

One push of a button and the umbrella springs open, providing you with shelter from the elements. A second push of the button collapses the canopy with ease, which makes traveling in and out of the rain a breeze. If Auto Open sounds convenient, you're really going to love our Auto Open Auto Close technology.

Vented Canopy

Vented Canopy

The vent acts like an escape valve for built up wind pressure. So, rather than forcefully ripping your umbrella to shreds, wind becomes much more courteous and exits peacefully through the multiple vent openings on the canopy.

Air pressure escapes through each vent opening.

Air pressure builds up under the canopy.

Teflon Technology

Teflon Technology

The Teflon® technology is worked into the fabric providing continuous protection in the most challenging weather conditions. A Teflon® treated canopy repels every drop and increases the durability of the fabric. Life was just made easier.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC, used under license by Shedrain Corporation.