Extra jumbo square auto open golf umbrella with alternating lime green and navy blue panels, vented double canopy and matching lime green Gellas gel-filled cushion grip handle, at a 45 degree angle, as viewed from underneath
Closed in its mesh bungee closure travel case image of an extra jumbo navy blue and lime green square auto open golf umbrella with a matching lime green Gellas gel-filled cushion grip handle
Close up image of a navy blue and lime Gellas gel-filled cushion grip umbrella handle in its mesh bungee closure travel case

WindPro® Vented Auto Open Square Golf Umbrella with Gellas® Gel-Filled Handle

A truly magnificent golf umbrella, the WindPro® 4532 opens automatically at the push of a button to an extra jumbo 62" square arc to cover three or more, and features an AirVent double canopy to provide exceptional wind resistance. Unlike many other vented umbrellas, this ShedRain® golf umbrella features 8 strong woven nylon cables that keep the canopy from inverting in gusty winds.

The super comfortable gel-filled Gellas® handle means the only grip you'll have to worry about is the one on your golf club.

Includes a fabric/mesh travel case with bungee cord-lock closure.

$44.00 $29.99
Color Selected: Navy and Lime
#4532 Product Details
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Cover for three or more


Fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) is a warrior in extreme weather conditions. Lightweight, strong and non-corrosive, fiberglass will out-perform most alternatives and increase the durability and life of your umbrella. Combat the elements!

Vented Canopy

Vented Canopy

The vent acts like an escape valve for built up wind pressure. So, rather than forcefully ripping your umbrella to shreds, wind becomes much more courteous and exits peacefully through the multiple vent openings on the canopy.

Air pressure escapes through each vent opening.

Air pressure builds up under the canopy.

Auto Open

Auto Open

With the push of a button the umbrella opens automatically, inviting you to step out and enjoy the weather. Whether your hands are full or time is rushed, this little button does the work for you.