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Trade Shows

San Francisco International Gift Show
Jan 8-11
Atlanta International Gift Show
Jan 10-17
Seattle NW Trend Show
Jan 22-24
San Francisco Fashion Market
Jan 29-31
NY NOW International Gift Show
Feb 3-8
Seattle NW Trend Show
Mar 26-28
San Francisco Fashion Market
Apr 23-25
Seattle NW Trend Show
Jun 11-13
San Francisco Fashion Market
Jun 25-27
Atlanta International Gift Show
Jul 11-18
NY NOW International Gift Show
Aug 19-23
San Francisco Fashion Market
Aug 20-22
San Francisco Fashion Market
Oct 15-17
Seattle NW Trend Show
Nov 5-7
Portland NW Market
Mar 2-5

Become a Retailer.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a ShedRain retailer. If you do not already have an open account and would like to become a ShedRain retailer, please download the SHEDRAIN CREDIT APPLICATION. In addition, you must provide a copy of your state resale tax certificate to qualify for an account, except in tax exempt states*.

Please allow 3 business days to process new accounts after we have received the completed credit application and resale tax certificate. A confirmation will be sent via e-mail with your new account number. Once you have received your account number you will then be able to go onto and establish online access.

Complete all pages and return to ShedRain via:

Email: click here
Fax: 800-764-1241
Or Mail: Attn:
ShedRain Finance Department
P.O. Box 55460
Portland, Oregon 97238


ShedRain is required by law to maintain on file a current state resale tax certificate for your company. Your account will not be authorized until we have received a copy of your certified state resale tax certificate. Please send a copy with your credit application as per the instructions listed in becoming a new retailer. If your business is in a tax exempt state, a resale tax certificate is not required to become a new retailer.

To download the credit application, right click the link and choose “Save As” or “Download”.

Retailer Credit Application

*Current tax exempt states are: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon.