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e-Motion Motorized Automatic Open and Close Compact + Golf Umbrellas

The e-Motion is the first fully-motorized automatic open and close umbrella that extends – and retracts – all on its own with just the push of a button!

UnbelievaBrella™ Reverse Umbrella

We turned the traditional umbrella upside down & inside out!

Vented Auto Open & Auto Close Jumbo Umbrella

Ideal for travel, this umbrella opens to a generous 54” arc, enough for 2 people, yet packs conveniently to be your ideal travel companion.

Auto Open & Auto Close Mini Compact

This umbrella can be operated with one hand, keeping your other hand free to open a door or carry a bag.

Auto Open Compact Umbrella

The new ShedRain Auto Open Compact Umbrella offers compact size but still provides protection from the elements.