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perfection, always

I have enjoyed Shedrain umbrellas for many years. I keep buying them because I loose them.


went on a road-trip and our family had 3 umbrellas; it started raining - the travel size Totes and Travel size Repel fell apart; the oversized ShedRain - took on the wind and the rain and stayed in 1 piece without any damage.

3 Pack Fashion Face Masks
M.M. (Farmington, US)
Was my go to mask

This was my go to mask brand when you could find them at Kroger and Meijer here in Michigan. After these stores were no longer carrying them I ordered them from this website. On the 2 sets I ordered 3 of the mask came with the nose wire already broken so they couldn't be tightened around the nose. On one of the other mask the wire broke the second time I wore it. I did contact the company and gave them my order number and they send they would check into it. I never heard back and this was about 3 weeks ago. I guess the masks were just a way for them to profit over the pandemic and they aren't worried about customer service.

3 Pack Fashion Face Masks
Vonda Lowrance
Great masks

Probably the most comfortable masks I’ve had since covid started. Excellent quality and I love that it has the pouch for inserts to keep away from your face. Great value as well.

Vortex Vent XL 68″ Golf Umbrella
Jim Natter (Bedford, US)
Great umbrella!

Loved the umbrella! I’m ready for the downpour!

3 Pack Fashion Face Masks
Karen Ratajczak (Atlanta, US)
Value reusable masks

I've been wearing shed rain masks over a year now and they've stayed comfortable and breathable. I teach so I have to be able to be heard through masks and they have have be comfortable for 8-10 hours at a time with no break. Most of these accomplish that very well. I also appreciate being able to drop them in a washer at the end of the week and do them with my laundry.

Traditional Auto Open 48" Arc Stick Umbrella
N. Barney (East Hartford, US)

I have attempted several times to return with no response from Shedrain!

3 Pack Fashion Face Masks
Norma Glennie (Saline, US)
Most comfortable face mask

I love these mask. They don't feel quite so binding as some of the other mask out there! Our local Meijer stores no longer carry the adult mask so I was happy to see them on the we.

Vortex Vent XL 68″ Golf Umbrella
Brandon Peters (Dallas, US)
Great product

Seems to work great, haven’t used it a whole lot, but seems durable

Adult Fashion Face Masks
James Johnson (Nashville, US)
Too Small

First mask was great - ordered 3 more - masks loops were smaller and tighter - noticed they were made in a different country than the first. You changed them.

Vortex Vent 62″ Golf Umbrella
Steve Lobue (Eugene, US)

Exactly what I wanted!!

Hope it lasts forever

My last shedding umbrella lasted 8 years! So I have high hopes for my new one.

Nicest compact umbrella I've owned

Although I haven't used it a lot, the umbrella seems to be well-made. I was disappointed to see "Made in China" on the tag. The whole reason I purchased from ShedRain was to support products made in the USA. I guess I missed that part in the product description.

Good umbrella

A little overpriced and not as comfortable to hold as my old umbrella but otherwise a good quality product.

Shedrain Vortex

Excellent product and great quality! Sadly I had to return this umbrella because it does not fit into my golf cart umbrella. My power golf cart holder is smaller than the handle!!

Adult Fashion Face Masks
Jennifer Baker (Chicago, US)
Love them!

These are my favorite masks, they wash well, fit well and I love the design.

Adult Fashion Face Masks
Eri (Louisville, US)
My favorite!

The masks are so comfortable and I love that they have a pocket for a filter to give added protection.

Significant Design Flaw (update to my June 1st 2021 review)

July 7 2021

Referencing photo:

As you can see the hinge mechanism is very close to the border of the vent opening. The flaw is that the shiny metal J hook (boxed in green) can catch the edge of the vent and prevent a full closure. If that happens the band/strap with velcro then doesn't quite wrap around the closed umbrella far enough to allow one to fasten the velcro to its other half. Being unable to use the band/strap is not a huge issue, though it's good to be able to fasten the velcro if putting the umbrella in a bag. Of much greater importance: The metal can catch on the fabric—no, opening the umbrella does NOT necessarily free the fabric from the hinge--meaning that there's a risk of tearing the fabric.

I've checked 2 other Shedrain compact vented umbrella models, and in neither case does the same hinge come anywhere near the border of the vent.

No, I don't see a read fix that an owner could apply to this mechanism.

Hi-Lo Packable Rain Jacket
Sarah Friedman (Brooklyn, US)

Hi-Lo Packable Rain Jacket

Hi-Lo Packable Rain Jacket
Mary Harris (Fort Mitchell, US)
Repackable jacket

Folds nicely. Good for travel

Vortex Vent XL 68″ Golf Umbrella
Rene Flores (San Antonio, US)

This umbrella is the Cadillac of umbrellas! Great size and materials

Golf umbrella

Best umbrella I have ever owned!

Best Product I’ve owned!

I’ve had a shedrain umbrella for the last 12 years and recently lost it so of course I replaced it with the same umbrella. This time I’m definitely putting my business card (laminated) on the handle cord.

Love My Brella

These are the best umbrellas ever!

Shedrain umbrella

Love it!!!!!!