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Mini Manual
Lois Burke (New York)
Haven't opened it yet--it's tucked away in my luggage

I expect I will love it. The size is really good, and being flat it will be easier to stick in a pocket. I love your warranty program.

Vortex Vent Pro 62" Arc
Mike Evans (Cincinnati)

We’ve not used it yet.

So good that...

…we now own three of Vortex V2 54” units. One for the house, one for each vehicle. Very high-quality product - you can feel it in its heft when folded, and the unfolding is literally art in motion.

Purchased the first one from REI to deal with some heavy rain and high winds while visiting a large city. The V2 umbrella performed very well, even in some crazy shifting winds (or "wind tunnels” maybe) in the downtown area.

Happily brought it home, and immediately ordered two more from ShedRain to toss in the cars.

Best umbrella and carrying case

A friend gifted me this and I gifted one to a friend because I love it so much. It feels very sturdy and I love the carrying bag.

Vortex Vent Pro 62" Arc
Sussy Baka (Toronto)


Vintage Manual Stick
Nancy Geragi (Hampton)
Simple, sturdy and classic.

This not my first Shed Rain Umbrella, and probably won't be my last! It is elegantly simple, lightweight, good size for navigating sidewalks and as always beautifully built. Look forward to seeing what they do next!!

Vortex Vent Pro 62" Arc
Sophie Vasquez Sosa (Belmopan)
Gorgeous Umbrella!

Gorgeous umbrella made with quality materials. Provides generous shade from the sun. Yet to test in rain but very pleased so far.

Vortex Vent Pro 62" Arc
Anonymous (Spring)
Best Golf Umbrella Ever

I use a push cart for golf and this is a great umbrella to have on board for sun and rain protection. The elastic vent straps that allow the upper part of the umbrella to raise up, are great at keeping the umbrella in place during high wind situations. Wish I would have invented it!

Vortex Vent Pro 62" Arc
Eric a potter... (Aliso Viejo)
Robust umbrella

You can buy numerous cheap umbrellas, or you can spend a reasonable amount and buy a quality umbrella like this that will resist the weather, look better than your average umbrella, and last considerably longer. Over the last few years I've spent what this umbrella cost me on a series of frustrating cheaper umbrellas that always failed when I needed them. Invest in a good umbrella and you won't regret it.

Vortex V2 54" Vented Jumbo Compact
Vanessa G. (The Bronx)
Best compact umbrella on the market!!

This umbrella is amazing but has been withstanding NYC winds and rain so far. Although compact, it is a little heavy. That doesn't bother me one bit. With the auto open and shut feature, I'm surprised it's not heavier.
Great umbrella. Wish there was other colors. So far a super amazing compact umbrella.
Did I mention how big it Expands!!! For this type of umbrella you would think it will just cover your head .
Well well this umbrella cover me. It's good for two small people to fit under it comfortably. For someone who is tall, it's great for them as well.

Stratus Collection 50" Arc Manual Stick Umbrella

Vortex Vent Pro 62" Arc
Edmund Londt (Surprise)
Best Umbrella

Love it.

The quality of these umbrellas cannot be beat. The guarantee is real. When my first ShedRain had problems opening, I simply returned it and received a replacement, no questions asked. I of course am recommending the company to friends. Long term, I hope my 9-inch model becomes lighter, and I am sure it will.

Vortex Vent 62″ Golf Umbrella
Russell Simpson (Miami)
I bought the umbrella to stay dry and keep the sun off at the car races

It didn't rain at the races this year, but I felt like I was in the shade whenever I used the umbrella. I am very pleased with the quality and sturdy construction. It held up to a strong breeze with no problems. With rainy season starting, I will get plenty of use out of it soon. This is the nicest umbrella I have ever used.

Nice umbrella

Easy opening and great coverage from wind and rain.

Vortex V2 43" Vented Compact
Stella Hass (Telford)
Vortex umbrella

umbrella is very durable and love color.

e-Motion™ Motorized 46" Arc Open & Close Compact Umbrella

Vortex V2 54" Vented Jumbo Compact
Troy Yonemoto (Los Angeles)
Effective within the wind

The vortex wind technology holds its own during high winds and intense rain. I would highly recommend this umbrella for usage during cold and damp weather. Shedrain has designed and improved upon past and present umbrella technology.

Vortex V2 50" Vented Auto Open Stick
Kenan Marlin (Portland)
So far so great!

The umbrella I purchased has proven to be great! Very lightweight, very sturdy. Love it!


It is so nice not to fuss with an umbrella in the rain, easy and and better down!

Vortex V2 43" Vented Compact
Elizabeth Tobier (New York)
Superior Umbrella

I purchased my first SHED RAIN umbrella at a Barnes & Noble store. I liked it so much that I searched for their website and bought this Vortex one recently. It's very strong and makes trudging around in the rain almost a joy!

Vortex Vent 62″ Golf Umbrella
I like it

Diameter (not ark) is 55" - tip to tip.
Grip feels good/comfortable.
*Excellent* high wind perfromance.
It is awkward to locate the - open - button when closed. I painted a white dot inline with the - open - button on grip handle to ease this problem.
Awesome umbrella. No regrets.

Vortex V2 43" Vented Compact
Douglas Simon (Somerville)
Best Yet

I’ve used ShedRain umbrellas for years. My last one finally got damaged in a shoulder bag (my fault), and that model is no longer made. I bought a Vortex. I used it for the first time this week and I absolutely love it.

Wonderful product but warranty support lacking.

My wife and daughter both love their umbrellas so when each umbrella came unglued/unfastened at an exterior strut, I immediately ordered two more. My wife, Trudy, then submitted a warranty claim about a month ago for the two flawed umbrellas, and we have yet to hear anything back. Peter Shea, 5007 Flint Hill Drive, Knoxville, Tn. 37919

Vortex Vent 62″ Golf Umbrella
Jevaughn Layne (Port of Spain)
One of the best umbrellas

Great product, well built but my only criticism I wish there was a built in radiant heat barrier