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Beautiful work by Lisa Congdon!

Vortex Vent Pro 62" Arc
Austin Coffman (Valley Center)
Well I ain't no golfer

Well I ain't no golfer but I do understand the need for umbrellas normally, but why would you spend $80 on an umbrella, the only reason I found this was because of a French assignment where I need a certain amount of items to reach a total of between $950 to $1000 I did the math and if I only did $80 items I could get a perfect number and this... this was just silly to me, an $80 umbrella, just get one from Walmart. Although, I will not leave a bad star review because it would be uncalled for considering I do not truly understand the point around it and I am sure it is a great product for what it is meant for.

Sturdy but heavy. And discount code didn’t arrive til after I ordered. I wrote your company askin...

See above

Vortex Vent 62″ Golf Umbrella
M Ernst (McKeesport)
Regular umbrella Two star review

I filled out a claim six weeks ago and I still haven’t heard a single thing back from this company. I gave it two stars because it only worked for two weeks. I must have bought a lemon.

Nice umbrella!

Awesome umbrella and will definitely purchase more for friends and family.

Vortex V2 43" Vented Compact
Joel Blackwell (Corte Madera)
It will rust and break

I always dried it out if possible but sometimes it wasn't. I am disappointed that the struts rusted after one CA rainy season, staining the fabric, and broke after two. I enjoyed the size and convenience but... sadly, can't recommend/

Reverse Closing Stick Umbrella
Lisa White (Naugatuck)

Reverse Closing Stick Umbrella

The umbrella bent after 1 use!

The Vortex V2 54” is great, but the older umbrella that I submitted a warranty on for a broken spine, I’ve yet to receive any form of communication and it’s been many many weeks. Not impressed if this is the way that warranty issues are handled.

Return Easy As Pie

Was shipped a defective umbrella and it would not open. Took two pictures and attached to the email explaining the situation. The next day I received confirmation that a replacement was on the way. Sure enough it was on then door step that very day.

Perfect man size umbrella

My husband loved the umbrella but thought it was heavy. He will use it since he loves the size and the easy open/close feature.

Vortex V2 43" Vented Compact
Clarke Donelson (Portland)
Best Umbrella Ever

It's very well made. Tiny and really easy to carry when folded. You push the button and it pops to life. Makes staying well-groomed and dry EZ.

Beautiful print and fun umbrella

Love the quality and design!

So cool!

Combo of grate product design and great aesthetic practically makes me want to have to walk in the rain!

Fits the bill!

Good umbrella with good open/close tech and a width that covers all of me!

Excellent product, now I can be seen.
Thank You.

Vintage Manual Stick
Mitch Harris (Orem)
Just Perfect: function and usefulness, light weight and good looks

Really nice wood feel of handle and shaft. Smooth operation, easy and quick. The wood tone is very pretty, a matte medium brown stain that looks nice all the way up inside and just as nice in the brass-detailed wood extension above the canopy. There are other wood stick umbrellas you can find online that open automatically, but consider how much stronger a simple wood shaft is when it doesn't have to be drilled out to contain the auto-open mechanism. The canopy's 16 point rib design is surprisingly worth it for support function as well as looks. It's not merely for the vintage effect, but that part is good too. The 16 point canopy is something I didn't know to look for, but it shows ShedRain's excellence that they did. I was looking for regular full size umbrella for home use and travel use, and I wanted a classic wood shaft umbrella, and they're not easy to find. This is everything you'd want in a wood stick umbrella. Wood and fibreglass are lighter than steel, and the 34.2" closed length is surprisingly easy to carry around on the go (or strap to a small bag or backpack) especially when so lightweight (381g, 13.4oz). Canopy is a generous 39.5" (one meter) wide when open, not including rib points but only cloth width. If you shop full-size umbrellas, you'll see many that are wider than that, but they're mostly marketed as golf umbrellas and rest assured, this ShedRain Manual Stick umbrella is full size and can easily be shared with someone walking close.

Never knew they made umbrellas this great

Compact size when closed. Large Coverage when open. Extra support to handle real wind. easy to open and close. honestly i’m just impressed

Vortex V2 54" Vented Jumbo Compact
Anonymous (Bethany Beach)
Great umbrella!

I bought the umbrella as a gift for my sister. She needed a large, wind-resistant umbrella to cover herself and her dog when they walk. She said it’s perfect, and beautiful at the same time!

Vortex Vent XL 68″ Golf Umbrella
Peter Gamba (Greenville)

price is high but quality is top notch

Very pretty and sturdy big umbrella

It is enough for two people, holds up against some pretty strong winds. Always get people asking what umbrella is that. I bought one before and it got stolen but I bought one again because I liked it so much.

Great umbrella

I love it. Been looking for one for a minute. The only reason I'm giving this 4 stars instead of the 5 is because I only wish it would come in other colors and designs.

Vortex Vent 62″ Golf Umbrella
Mary Hartig (Yountville)
Great solid umbrella!☂️

I’m walking to the pool with backpack when it rains ! Swim parka, backpack, rain boots and we’re all dry when we get there!

Vortex Vent XL 68″ Golf Umbrella
Charles Wiebe (Folsom)
Wonder Rain Deflector!

Great product, reasonably light weight, keeps in dry even in a downpour. Love this umbrella!