Vortex V2 54" Vented Jumbo Compact

Vortex V2 54" Vented Jumbo Compact

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Regular price $45.00
Regular price Sale price $45.00

Bigger isn’t always better, but in this case…we kind of think it is. We took our V2 Compact and made it jumbo sized for extra protection, no matter the weather. The Vortex V2 only has a 15” closed length, but auto-expands to an impressive 54” arc when opened. Yes, it has the same 75mph wind tunnel testing. Yes, it’s got the same anti-inversion cable technology. Yes, it has auto open/close technology and a grooved TPR rubber grip handle. All the perks, only bigger.


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Product Features

  • Automatic Open & Close
  • 54 inch arc
  • 15 inches closed length
  • 1.35 lbs
  • 100% recycled polyester fabric from plastic bottles
  • Steel frame with patented Cable Enforced Technology™
  • Vented canopy for increased wind resistance
  • Can withstand wind speeds up to 75 mph
  • Grooved TPR rubber grip handle
  • UPF 15

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Materials & Care

  • 100% recycled polyester fabric from plastic bottles.
  • Steel frame with patented Cable Enhanced Technology™
  • Grooved TPR rubber grip handle


  • Always leave umbrella open to dry. If stowed wet the frame could rust.
  • Wipe with damp cloth to clean.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Scott Fisher (Minneapolis)
Stay Dry? - Buy ShedRain

These are the only umbrellas you need. This is my third (first aged out at 20, second lost). I prefer the larger diameter like this one. It closes very nicely - great to open/close when exiting/entering a vehicle.

Joonio (Anyang-si)
most advanced umbrella

this is far best, most advanced umbrella ever owned

been used many umbrellas thru out 40 years, shed rain makes best ones with utmost service

Michael Brooks (Travelers Rest)
New Umbrellas

Ordered 3 of the compact 54” vented Vortex. Well made and easy to use. And a lifetime guarantee!

Benjamin Buxton (Atlanta)
Pros and Cons

1. Oustanding look. Great color, beautiful branding on the canopy, and the umbrella catches the eye with its neon highlights. One word to describe the look would be "refined".
2. Large canopy. Perfect for escorting a date or helping a friend stay dry, there is room for both of you.
3. Auto-close button. This feature is exceptionally helpful as you are jumping in your vehicle during a rainstorm or fitting through a doorway, at the click of a button the canopy pops back into the closed position for an easy entrance.
4. Sturdy. The overall feel is solid without much give between the parts. It certainly provides a sense of confidence knowing that your umbrella can survive the harshest of winds and will not break.

1. Weight and size. This umbrella in my opinion would be best utilized in a stored space (car, house, office) or carried in a backpack. For those who choose, carrying the umbrella could be a good option becasue of the strap on the handle.
2. So far the most noticeable flaw of this umbrella is the tiny strands that hold the upper vent canopy to the arms. One has already come undone, and I am ill-equipped to retie it. I expected that something of higher quality would have been used to secure the canopy to the arm than just a piece of cheap string.

In conclusion, for couples and families who might need the extra space and for anyone else who enjoys serving others, this is the umbrella to get.

Karl S. (Cary)
So good that...

…we now own three of Vortex V2 54” units. One for the house, one for each vehicle. Very high-quality product - you can feel it in its heft when folded, and the unfolding is literally art in motion.

Purchased the first one from REI to deal with some heavy rain and high winds while visiting a large city. The V2 umbrella performed very well, even in some crazy shifting winds (or "wind tunnels” maybe) in the downtown area.

Happily brought it home, and immediately ordered two more from ShedRain to toss in the cars.

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